Member Benefits

Members of are provided with a range of benefits, including trading strategies, trade recommendations and a trading journal which sets out the results of recent trades.

As Members of ROI you will have access to:-

  • ROI Strategies
    This page sets out the main strategies that have been delivering reliable monthly incomes to date. Some will surprise you like one strategy I describe as “This is the best strategy of all. If you can master it.”
  • Trade Recommendations
    This page sets out option trades planned before the market opens or trades placed just before the market closes. This allows Members to follow these trades if they so wish. The main purpose is educational so that Members learn from these trades and can then plan their own trades. This page also lists details of actual trades placed and the reasons for entering these trades as well as FAQ’s.
  • Trading Journal
    The Trading Journal lists trades that have been filled and cumulative profits/losses to date.

As a Member you will also be able to contact me with any questions or comments you have.

After you subscribe you can cancel your subscription for subsequent months at any time by completing the message form in the Members area.


  • Payment is $9.95 for the first month and $49/month after that.